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Be Humble, Good things happens

 Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith… – Steve Jobs

It’s Friday night. I was walking along Smith Street going to Daly Street when I saw this Man holding a big poster saying “Need  Job”. Then, I realized how lucky I am, I have good job sometimes you encounter billigerent  associate.  But still I have a good manager, who understand her employees. Love your Job.New Image1

I approached the man and introduced myself. I started asking him some questions such as “Why he is doing this?”. He answered me ” I love to travel around the World”. His name is Lucu Rohrer from Switzerland have been in Darwin for almost 8 weeks now and currently staying at Melauca on Mitchell. While  I’m interviewing  Mr Rohrer , Mr. Joshua Foti, a managing director of yourlocalatm approached us and  offered Mr. Rohrer a Job  and handed a business card to him to give Mr Foti a call as soon as possible.New Image2

All I can says , God works in mysterious  way and even  you don’t knowing it. This is a good lesson to me and everyone else. Stop complaining on everything. Love your job. I remember Anna Kupka  who wrote an article in Forbes Magazines  entitled “Why you need to Love you job”.New Image3

“Loving ones job is not only a “rare-to-find-nice-to-have”, no, it is essential for our entire society and for our overall well-being. The workplace is the place where we spend most our waking time and people hating their jobs is throughout the world one of the main reasons for economic downturns. If we would all use our unique talents to serve humanity (and we all have these talents!), there would be no unemployment and no stress-related illnesses.” She said .

I wish you Good Luck Mr. Rohrer   

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