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Shrimp with a twist


Last Sunday, I was searching for a good dish that I would cook for my dinner which is easy and simple. Actually, I’m not a good cook but my wife is.

I remember, our friend Chef Archie Juanta, who own a very famous restaurant in Mandaluyong in the Philippines “Chef Arch’s Lime” Street Food with a Twist.

When I was still working at Brentwood Hotel, Chef Archie teaches me the popular Filipino shrimp dish which serve as appetizer or a main dish.

Shrimp Gambas or Gambas al Ajillo in Spanish.

This dish only takes about 5 minutes to cook. However, I’m not a fun of chili so I will not put chili in my dish.


Here is my Ingredient:

¾ kilo medium to large sized shrimp

1 medium size red onion, quartered

2 tablespoon garlic minced

¼ cup olive oil

Salt n pepper for taste

1 tablespoon of butter

1 tablespoon of oyster sauce

1 teaspoon of knorr  savoury Pour olive oil in a hot fry pan Instructions : Sauté garlic and onion and cook until the color turn light brown (garlic), stirring frequently. DSCF6611_Fotor Add butter and little bit of olive oil. DSCF6612_Fotor Now add the shrimps and let cook for 2 minutes. DSCF6613_Fotor Then, put the oyster sauce and knorr savoury. DSCF6614_Fotor Add salt and pepper, and then cook for another minute until the shrimp are cooked through and the sauce has thickened. How about you? What technique and ingredients are you using in cooking Shrimp Gambas.
Let me know.

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