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A taste of Wildlife


After thirty three years, I finally met a real kangaroo and Koala,when we went to South Australia’s premier wildlife park and one of the few places in Australia where you are able to hold a koala.  Set amongts the native bushland of the Adelaide Hills and adjacent to Mount Lofty Summit.

The park is only 25 minutes from the city centre and its home to over 130 species of native animals, from venomous snakes to kangaroos, koalas and a variety of birdlife.

Cleland Wildlife Park  provides  35 hectares open bushland habitat to explores and walking the entire area of the park at a brisk pace will take approximately two hours.

I think the one unique features of the park is the open spaces and very few animal enclosures where  visitors can interact with Australia Wildlife.


This means you can get up close to many animals and get some great photos. There are 22 sections each of them composed of different animals. We went first to  the Kangaroo Island Kangaroos and Swamp Wallabies which we hand feeding them and take some photos.


We explored the entire park for more than 3 hours walks. Just in time for Koala experience, as one of only  a few wildlife park in Australia where you able to hold a koala and take a photo while holding the Koala.  My eldest son is very excited about it and he eager to hold a koala.


I LOVED the experience!

The Park is open daily rain or shine except Christmas Day or on days forecast with a catastrophic fire danger rating, and animals at Cleland are well adapted to the conditions of the Mount Lofty ranges. You can check my Flickr photos



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