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Caramel banana spring rolls


One Sunday afternoon, my wife is preparing to make a Caramel Banana spring rolls or better known as Turon in the Philippines for kids Merienda or afternoon tea.

Turon is a popular street food in the Philippines and all time Filipino favorite dessert. This delicious and health dessert is so affordable and also easy to prepare.

Turon is made of thinly sliced bananas (preferably saba or Cardaba bananas) and a slice of jackfruit, dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried.


Caramel Banana spring rolls

  • 10 ripe burro banana or lady fingers, cut into quarters lengthwise.
  • 1 can jackfruit, drained and then slice into thin strips (optional)
  • spring roll wrappers from Asian grocery
  • brown sugar, according to desired sweetness
  • oil for frying


1. Peel fresh Saba bananas (lady fingers)and cut each banana into 2 slices.

2. Place in the middle of a spring roll wrapper then sprinkle with a quarter of tsp of brown sugar and strip of jackfruit.

3. Wrap as shown below. Moisten the end with water to secure.Repeat this process till you finish all the spring roll wrappers.

turon7 turon8
4. To fry, heat the cooking oil in a medium saucepan and deep fry the turons, lower heat if the turons are browning too quickly.  Cook till its golden brown.  

5. Please drain in a large metal sieve as placing turons in absorbent kitchen paper towel will result in pieces of paper sticking to the glaze


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