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The replacement


Four weeks ago, while watching House rules my two month old Samsung Smart TV suddenly had stopped working.

Argh!! Not only did it stop turning on, the stand by light keep on blinking with a weird sounds. What a hassle. Why did it have to break down now for a two months old TV?

I’m so insanely busy with work and life, I don’t have time to deal with this!!

So I decided to call the Samsung customer service to report the problem and they said it would take a week for the technician to arrive. Whoa! WHAT!!!

No House Rules…Adventure time or Ninja warrior for a week. OMG!!

Calm down. Calm Down.

After a week, the technician arrived with the replacement parts but when the repair man looked at my Smart TV, He looked at me said ,unfortunately, the parts I  have is wrong and  as well  as the model.

Seriously!!! Getting annoyed now. The technician told me, he is going to order a new parts and it will take another two weeks. If not a replacement request is the other options.  Grr!!.

I made a complained with the Good Guys in Gepps Cross and they can’t do anything and I called the Samsung Customer Service Centre again to explained what really happened. According to them, a 55 inches replacement will deliver to my house in a week.

I was shocked! Believe it  or not !! from 40 inches to 55 inches. what a big upgrade. Thank you Samsung Australia.

Thumb up to Samsung Customer Service department for customer satisfaction.

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