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Celebrate being together

DSC_0401Over the weekend, We went to Rundle mall and spend time at Chocolateria San Churro to check their latest promo ” double your churros for free”. Despite the busy morning, staff  are very friendly and assist us in setting up our table as well taking our orders.

I also sign up to their newsletter to receive a free churros for two on my birthday.   What I like with Chocolateria San Churro is the concept “Celebrate being together” – Get together to get happy.

According to them, at San Churro, we’re all about bringing you together with your loved ones to celebrate your relationships, share the good times and indulge in the simple joy of chocolate together.

The food are all amazing and the chocolate is fantastico. Here are the top 10 happiness tips from our friendly neighborhood  Chocolateria San Churro :

1. CONNECT AND COME TOGETHER.  Your relationship are the key to happiness. Make time to be with each other and enjoy the simple things together.

2. UNPLUG YOURSELF. Switch off from technology for a few hours..there is so much happiness to be had out here in the real world.

3. PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Appreciate the good things in Life! Good food, good company..there is so much to be grateful for.

4. DO SOMETHING NEW. Routine can be boring. Try something new to get the happiness mojo flowing.

5. CELEBRATE. Eat, drink, laugh and love. Celebrate each other and everything else that makes you happy.

6. GIVE TO GET. Generosity breeds happiness. Give a little to get happy!

7. KNOW THY SELF. Find out what it is makes YOU truly happy, then do more of it!

8. REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES.Happy memories stimulate happy hormones! Enjoy the good times to make more happy memories.

9. FLEX YOUR STRENGTHS. Do more of what makes you awesome. Happiness will follow!

10. BE HERE, NOW. Right here, right now is the moment to be happy. Soak it up and enjoy being together here and now.

Don’t worry Be Happy

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