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Climbing the Big Rocking horse


It was a school holiday here in South Australia and the kids are looking for a exciting activities for them. Then I suggested for a road trip going to Adelaide Hills and check out the Big Rocking horse and Toy factory located in the town of Gumeracha.

Its about an thirty minutes drive from my place or 40 minute from Adelaide , the Big Rocking Horse was designed by David McIntosh and weighs 25 tonnes and stands at over 18 metres tall. It was designed to attract the attention of passing motorist.rock1

We arrived at the complex around 10 am and the place was  busy maybe  due to school holidays . The complex includes a wooden toy  factory, wildlife park and cafe shop.

The First thing, we did is went up to the Big Rocking Horse with a $2 Donation entrance fee.

The Big Rocking Horse is 18.3 metres in height and 17 metres in length. Made of steel, the structure weighs 25 tonnes, and it is set in 80 tonnes of concrete to prevent rocking.

The steel frame was fabricated by Hallweld Engineering in Adelaide and transported by road to the site, after which the steel cladding was attached. Stairs incorporated inside the rocking horse lead to three viewing platforms: one at the head, one on the saddle, and a third on the “rocker bows” near the base of the structure.


We also check the the Toy factory  and they sells a a large range of wooden toys and souvenirs.

While my daughter enjoyed the wildlife park (which covers approximately seven acres), features a number of native and introduced species, including emus, wallabies and kangaroos.roc3

In the Wildlife Park, you can feed the animals and birds just like in Cleland Wildlife Park in Mount Loft.  It is such a beautiful and unique setting, teeming with native flora and fauna.

After a long day, we went to the cafe shop for a nice lunch. The cafe can seat up to 65 people, and serves a range of well-priced breakfast and lunch alternatives. Please check my photos at aMikothing



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