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A unique experience in the heart of South Australia

As part of my Birthday celebration, we went to Monarto Zoo , World’s largest open range zoological park located at 3401 Old Princes Highway, Monarto SA, a 71 kilometre drives from South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide and is the gateway to the picturesque Murraylands region..The park is operated by the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia.


Monarto started off in 1983 as a closed special purpose breeding area. It is now an International standard conservation, national and zoological bio-park that supports education and public recreation with 1,000 hectares to check.

If you want to experience a Safari – like, you need to come to Monarto Zoo.

They are five major habitat exhibits have been developed, including the Asian Steppes, arid North Africa, African plains and Asian grasslands, as the first stage of development at Monarto. The second stage includes habitats for the Cheetah, African Dog, African Lion and Black Rhino.dsc_0735

 A free shuttle bus will take you to  the different wildlife viewing platform. We arrived at the Park around lunch time we hop on to the Zu-loop Shuttle bus which  transports the guest to the various platforms and you will disembark at each bus stop  to view the Wildlife and meet with one of zoo keeper.

If you love walking,the Zoo has a network of approx 10 kms of walking tracks. For those visitors keen to explore the Zoo by foot, there are a range of walking tracks available ranging from easy to medium grading and are suitable for robust pushers.dsc_0698

There are 5 walking tracks available ranging from 20 to 90 minutes

Emu Track
The Emu Track is a self-guided 20-30 minute walk past a variety of birdlife and native flora. Easy grading.

Mallee Fowl Track
The Mallee Fowl Track is a self-guided tour of approximately 20 minutes to a habitat where you can see these unique birds in a native setting. Easy grading.

Ridge Track
If the real Africa is too far to go, then our Ridge Track will more than satisfy your desire to see Giraffe, Zebra or Eland in a beautifully simulated environment. This track includes some magnificent views of the Zoo and its surrounds. Moderate grading.

Boma Track
The Boma Track is a self guided walk of approx 25 minutes leading to the Southern White Rhino enclosure. Moderate grading.

Bretag Track
The Bretag track is approx 35 minutes one way and will take you from the Rhino Boma, past historic stone ruins to the Lion & Painted Dog viewing platform.

There are some of the many exciting things you can see at Monarto Zoo such as Tasmania devil exhibit, Waterhole viewing platform, Cheetah viewing platform, white rhino viewing area among others.dsc_0727

I recommended to do the Behind the scene tours a close encounter with Cheetah. Get close to one of Africa’s rare wild cats. Experience  the thrill of actually being in the enclosure with Monarto’s hand-raised Cheetah males or Lions at bedtime and Rhino interactive.

We also ride the Carnivore Shuttle Bus, a 15 minutes tour of the Lions, Painted Dogs and hyaenas before wet set home. You can check my photos at aMikothing 

What a wonderful experience and thank you to Monarto Zoo

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