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Robbed of doughnuts

“Only days after high-profile doughnuts maker Krispy Kreme opened an outlet in the city’s western suburbs, two boys were threatened with knife by another teenager and their six boxes of doughnuts taken”

A news report from ABC radio this afternoon, I was surprised and shocked.  Is this true?

The Radio announcer added “Police say the offender took the freshly bought snacks after the boys got into their car in Malcolm Street, not far from the Port Road Croydon outlet.”

“They say the offender demanded the teenagers stay in the front seats then opened a rear door and took the boxes from the back seat, about 9:40pm ACST on Wednesday.


I hope they find the culprit. I was there on the opening day with other people waiting in line for the famous doughnuts, despite with severe weather warning.  To all my readers, the Adelaide store is the first Krispy Kreme branch in South Australia and we are very excited about it.

I felt in love with Krispy Kreme when I went on Holiday in the Philippines after a friend of mine told me about this doughnuts. I still loved Dunkin Donut but Krispy Kreme is a different level.


On third day, still a lot of people lining up to taste the original glazed doughnuts from North Carolina, United States of America and founded since 1937.  If you loved Krispy Kreme, visit them at 563 Port Road at the corner of Rosetta street and open 24 hours 7 days.

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