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Three weeks ago, I made an important decision in my life by donating my  blood to help saves 3 lives. A booked an appointment with the Australian Red Cross for the donation.

Actually, the process is very easy and convenience.  Some are asking, ” Why Should I give blood?”

Blood is vital to life and for many people blood donors are their lifeline. Currently only 1 in 30 people give blood, but 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime.

Modern processing techniques mean that a single blood donation, when separated into its components, can help at least 3 different patients and contribute to making up to 22 different products (including potentially life-saving immunizations for chicken pox, hepatitis B and tetanus).

According to the Australian Red Cross,the majority of donated blood goes to people with cancer, as well as people who have suffered traumatic accidents, burns or those undergoing surgery

Australian Red Cross Blood Service is a national not-for-profit organisation that forms part of Australian Red Cross. We are supported by the governments of Australia and are responsible for providing the Australian community with safe, high quality blood and blood products, and organ and bone marrow services for transplantation. We do this with the support of more than half a million voluntary blood donors.

The Blood Service is active in many areas of the health industry. These include vital services related to bone marrow, organ and tissue donation, tissue typing for transplantations, research into blood and blood products, donor and product safety and blood transfusion.Easter2015_home

Australia needs generous bunnies like you to hop into blood donor centres between Thursday 2 and Thursday 9 April. Read to donate. Make an appointment now or call 131495.

Please support Australian Red Cross today by donating your blood to them and help saves lives

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