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Pieces Of Jewellery You Need For Spring & Summer

PearlJewels_1_FotorSpring and summer jewellery collections are as exciting as ever while heading toward the end of 2015, to the extent that they’re probably the most exciting aspect of the season’s fashion.

While there are always a few types of pieces that jump to the forefront, these seasons bring on a surprising variety of fun, gorgeous jewellery. Consider these as your five must-have pieces from within that variety.

1. Pearls In New Places

One report on accessory trends for the coming seasons put pearls front and centre. It’s not because we’re seeing a particularly high number of standard pearl necklaces or pearl stud earrings, but because these beautiful little stones are adorning pretty much every kind of accessory or piece of jewellery you could imagine. Pearls are showing up in brooches, in drop earrings, on rings, in hair pieces, and even on cuff earrings. Try to infuse your spring wardrobe with an unexpected touch of pearl.

2. Glorious Gold

Rose gold has had its time in the sun, perhaps capped off by the release of the new iPhone, of all things (now with a rose gold option). However, if you’re curious about which precious metal you should lean toward for spring and summer, look no further than classic, stunning yellow gold. Seizing popularity back from its rose cousin and supplanting the silvers that are often trendy with cooler weather looks, yellow gold is clearly the dominant metal of the warmer seasons.

3. Playful Pendants

Certainly one of the most noteworthy trends, not just in jewellery but in fashion in general, pendant necklaces are absolute must-haves. The dangling, delicate look does well to complement the lighter look of warm-weather clothing, and it also offers you a generous variety to choose from. One look at the latest jewellery trends makes it crystal clear just how broad the spectrum is with these pieces, both in price and style. Whether you’re looking for a faux stone or sculpted design pendant for under $50 or a more elegant choice from a top designer, anything goes this season so long as it dangles!LystPendant_3_Fotor

4. Rings On Rings

To some extent, this is also a trend we’re seeing in necklaces, and even specifically within the pendant movement. But stacked ring collections are really standing out all on their own this season as well. This write-up of seasonal jewellery pointed to the stacked ring approach as a nice way to embrace the popularity of yellow gold, but there are a lot of options here. These include uniform stacks, those displaying different designs and ornaments for each ring, or even single pieces that are merely designed to resemble stacked rings.

5. Brilliant Brooches

It wouldn’t be a look at spring/summer trends without mention of the brooch revival that has seemingly taken over fashion. This one doesn’t take a whole lot of explaining; suffice it to say brooches are everywhere, and each one is different, some more playful and others more elegant. Wherever your personal taste leads you, know that you almost can’t go wrong with a brooch in your jewellery box.

With these pieces on hand, you’re well on your way to a strong, jewellry-forward look.

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