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Aussie Dr Launches Australia’s First Alternative to Private Health Insurance

Aussie dentist, Dr Abraham Zacharia has just launched Australia’s first ever self-funded rollover health plan, Memplans (, which is set to provide Australians with a new alternative model to health care. Noticing that his patients were frustrated with private health insurers, Dr Zacharia understood the pressure families felt to protect their loved ones and designed Memplans to offer affordable health coverage for Aussie families.

Unlike members in private health funds who lose all of their unused contributions at the end of each year, Memplans has developed a system to rollover unused funds into the next year so that members can create a nest-egg of health savings that can be used in times of health and medical need.

The brainchild of Dr Abraham and his wife, Memplans offers Australians seeking health coverage the only extras rollover health plan from $5 a day. Members can use their accumulated funds to pay for any medical or hospital gap charges and can change contributions to suit the needs of their lifestyle without the rise of premiums.

Australians who let policies continue every year, or had a poor understanding of their cover, could be forking out an additional $1500 a year more than they should[i]. Memplans members have full control of the money they invest and are automatically set on the highest (and only) level of coverage, choosing what area of heath they want to spend money on.aboutus-memplan-image_Fotor

With Memplans, Australians can enjoy range of health care benefits

Roll over – Memplans protects unused funds by rolling them over to the next year unlike health funds whose end of year balance will be zero regardless of whether the member has used any of the funds or not

No levels or tiers – At Memplans, everyone is automatically set on the highest and only level of coverage with no restrictions on lifetime limits

Flexible coverage – Unlike health funds who decide on how much cover each service the member has, Memplans lets people decide on what area of health they want to spend money on.

No rise in premiums – Members can easily change their contributions to suit the needs of their lifestyle.

Gift treatment – Members are able to gift their accumulated funds to family and friends straight from their Memplans account.

Pre negotiated fees – Members can save money by enjoying pre-negotiated fees when choosing service providers from the Memplans provider network.

Accumulated funds – Memplans funds can be used to pay for treatments that are not covered by Medicare, so members don’t have to worry about payment of the gap.

Dashboard – An integrated online dashboard allows users to have full control over their account and schedule appointments or pay invoices through a secure processing system.

Estimate costs – Members can plan ahead by estimating costs for each of their medical providers.

Loyalty bonus – No need to be a member for several years to earn a loyalty bonus – Memplans pays a 1.5% bonus to all members at the end of each financial year

Easy cancellation – Unlike contributions made to health funds that are completely lost upon cancellation, members at Memplans will receive 80% of their member balance if they decide to cancel their membership.

Memplans is designed so that members can have complete peace-of-mind that they have full control of their money and can use it to meet their lifestyle and health needs.

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