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Creative Memories products back in Australia

Scrapbookers and memory keepers across Australia are rejoicing. After a two-year hiatus, authentic Creative Memories bookcloth albums and other beloved scrapbooking products will once again be available to Aussies. The iconic brand has helped millions of people across the world cherish their memories, so news that CM is returning under new ownership November 5, 2015 has created a swift and enthusiastic reaction.

“So excited to get the coversets with pages again! Looking forward to getting back on track with the scrapbooking products that I love!” – Teri-Lyn S.HolidayGiveawayImage

“I loved CM products for many, many years and never wanted to buy from anyone else. I don’t need much, just your solid, quality albums and a few accessories. I’m thrilled to see you back!” – Heather B.

Caleb Hayhoe, Chairman of Flowerdale Group Ltd., is the owner of the new company, CM Group Holdings, Inc., less formally known as CM. In July of 2014, Mr. Hayhoe purchased the Creative Memories® and Ahni & Zoe™ brands, patents, artwork, products and manufacturing equipment in North America, as well as a thriving Creative Memories® Japan business.

Mr. Hayhoe says “The enthusiastic response to CM since our launch last fall has been incredible and humbling. As we approach our one-year anniversary, we are still seeing sign-ups around the clock and our factory in St. Cloud is humming as it supplies the United States, Canada and Japan. We’re thrilled to be able to bring products and our plan to Australia. Most of all though, I’m pleased that thousands and thousands of families will be able to continue to preserve their precious memories with the highest quality, photo-safe products in the world.”thepowerofalbums

Exceptional quality is a brand hallmark CM Australia customers can count on. In addition to the proprietary manufacturing and testing equipment, the CM operations team in St. Cloud, MN has an average tenure of more than 14 years and more than 100 years of experience handcrafting albums and other classic Creative Memories products.

Though the products, equipment and brands are the same, CM is a very different business with an entrepreneurial, start-up spirit and an innovative new earning opportunity that combines the best of ecommerce and social selling. CM Advisors can share the meaningful, wholesome mission and make a little or a lot, with no restrictions or minimums.

“I love the simplicity of the Fast2Fab line and the quality of CM combined into one dynamic company!”
– Amy S.

“The new company allows us freedom & flexibility to fit the business to our lives. Getting our own stuff, or making an income .the new plan is so simple! So, let’s sell the best products, have fun with our customers, link arms with our sister Advisors, and get this party started!” – Rebecca M.

People are flocking to the simple, straightforward opportunity that provides true freedom to make it whatever they’d like, while sharing the mission and connecting people through their memories.

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