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Imagine a Doorbell like a human security guard, it would tell you who was outside and allow you to talk with them before you let them in.

The Ring Video Door Bell streams live audio and video of a home’s front doorstep directly to a smartphone or tablet, allowing homeowners to stay connected to their homes whether in the kitchen or across town.

Just received my own Ring Video Doorbell yesterday and I started testing this cool product an upgrade from Doorbot if you still remember.

The Ring DoorBell installs in minutes, with no professional helps or tools required, and can be accessed through free Ring apps on any iOS or Android device.


No need to wonder if something is going on outside your home ,see for yourself. Built-in motion sensors detect activity on your property and trigger instant mobile alerts, giving you the ability to know what’s going on even if your aren’t there.


The powerful sensors covers an 180 degree field of view and up to 30 feet in range, but are also custom configurable by zone for your property, ensuring you receive only meaningful notifications.

Buyers get the benefit of a view of their front stoop—or lawn even—without connecting a camera inside their home. There are tools supplied in the box to help you, but if you have a drill, the process will go more easily and the camera is wide angled HD video.

Once it’s mounted to the wall, setting up with your Wi-Fi and pairing it with the app is a easy. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery; the company says the charge should last for ten hours’ worth of rings.

Ring sends out e-mail alerts when the battery starts to run low. Beyond the purchase price, Ring also offers a monthly $3 subscription to have all your knock knock encounters recorded and stored in the cloud, so you can monitor who’s been coming to the door.

how-it-works-48b1fd93538a61c833fef12660e4e1e3 (1)

You can check their website at and Ring Factsheet

Miss a Notification? No worries

Simply access recorded footage through a smartphone or computer at anytime thanks to Ring’s cloud recording .

Check out the actual recording of Ring Doorbells #AlwaysHome

Ring blends convenience, monitoring, and security into one sleek, simple and powerful wireless door bell. With Ring, you’re always home.

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