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New Mums don’t Bond instantly with their baby

image5Experts are urging new mums to alter their perceptions around bonding with their baby, upon the release of a new national survey. Almost 70 per cent of mothers expected to bond with their baby at birth, while in reality, almost 60 per cent took longer to form that connection.

A new mum can take anywhere from birth right up to 6 months or more before they feel fully connected to their child. Deviating significantly from society’s portrayal, this reality can leave mums feeling disappointed or inadequate.

Over 500 mums responded to the survey commissioned by WOTBaby, an Australian-first technology releasing on 25 July. The research found that mothers are putting pressure on themselves or feeling the pressure externally to bond with their baby at birth.

Jen Hamilton, a mothercraft nurse with over 27 years’ experience, and founder of WOTBaby says, “It’s all you see in advertising and the movies. Mums are depicted as forming an immediate bond, when in reality it can take much longer to form a true rhythm with their baby.”

“There are some key fundamentals that result in a successful bond between parent and baby, and so many out-of-control factors can effect that experience, including labour, health, support systems, relationships, personality and personal history or adjustment with things like feeding. In my experience, I generally find on average, mums truly bonding with their child at four to five months.”

Jen is a published author, mum of three and in her mothercraft career has helped thousands of parents and caregivers adjust to their baby including Business Chicks founder, Emma Isaacs with her four babies.

WOTBaby, serves as a real-time ‘mid-wife in your pocket’ for parents and caregivers. It’s a personalised app that supports the journey of raising babies from newborn to six months.

Tailored to the child’s name and age, the app provides the caregiver or parent with week-by-week development milestones and tackles the myriad of challenges parents might be navigating through at that particular stage such as feeding and settling. What sets the technology apart from anything else on the market, is that it acknowledges that every baby and every parent is different, and so offers an instant step-by-step flow of tips and tricks parents or carers can try to find what works for them as well instructional videos.

While night nurses charge upwards of $60/hr, WOTBaby will be available for purchase at the App Store for $2.99. WOTBaby can be downloaded from the app store.

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