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Finding Australia’s Favourite Summer Spritz just got easier

dsc_0735Summer is right around the corner, and with the weather warming up, many of us are already starting to reach for flavoursome and zesty refreshments. Luckily, iconic Aussie brand Buderim Ginger has made finding the perfect beverage simple, with their Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer & Pear, and Ginger Beer & Guarana 4 pack ranges now available nationally at Coles.

Whether you’re looking for a drink to cool you down at the beach, or for a mixer at a friend’s barbeque, Buderim Ginger has a flavour for every occasion. The original Ginger Beer is a boutique classic, made with real Australian ginger, to deliver a refreshing burst of flavour like no other.

If you’re after something slightly different, Buderim Ginger’s Ginger Beer & Pear and Ginger Beer & Guarana ranges have you sorted. Ginger Beer & Pear combines the brands famous ginger taste with the fruitiness of pear and has the backing from over 14 000 consumers who voted it the 2016 Product of the Year award in the beverage category. Whilst Ginger Beer & Guarana infuses the original Ginger Beer taste with the zestiness of guarana to give an extra kick.

After ‘Buderim’s Ginger Pride Rally’ earlier this year, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand for these products. Plus, with the different flavours available at Coles, we’re pleased that consumers from all around Australia will now be able to easily get their hands on our drinks,” said Buderim Ginger Marketing Manager Jacqui Price.

All beverages are non-alcoholic, have no artificial colours or flavours and are proudly made in Australia. Products are available in a 250ml slimline can, and are available in the ‘Mixers’ aisle at your local Coles. The RRP for these refreshing 4 packs is $5.

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