Mabuhay! I’m Mico Santos


A Little Bit About Me This is where you will find more about me and the things I do.

Mico Santos is a father, husband, Blogger based in New Zealand (now based in Adelaide, Australia)

A NZ/Australia GMA 7 News Correspondent and the man behind the Style  of LifeRePress,  thesidestripProjectWalkRace of Brown , Technogag and Amikothing

Mico has BA in Journalism. He worked as an feature writer/ Journalist for eight years in the Philippines. Covering big events such as EDSA 2 and 3 and the 2011 Christchurch Killer Earthquake for GMA 7.

As Public Relations Account Manager in Thailand for one year before settling in New Zealand in 2006. Two years ago, the Public relations company of MSNBC used one of the video of the Author for Network Campaign “Declaration of Forward”

Mico Santos is also a creative copywriter for TV and Radio and his works includes :

He lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and his two kids.

This Website

This site is about my personal experiences and how to make life better. It also covers topics on fashion, lifestyle, family, parenting, Arts, Events, Travel and Places, Photography, Online Shopping and foods among others.

Style of Life was created in 2003 under the name Kaimatara. In September 2009, I decided to change again the title of my blog to Mico Santos’s Style of Life to fit in my personalities and the post that I usually write.

In the Beginning

The site started in February 2003 as my tools for my creative outlet since I was a journalist and to share with others the different side of me.

Aside from Style of Life,  Mico also launched two  more blogs  in May 2008, the video blog theSidestrip was born. After two months, He introduced RePress, a News and current affairs blog focusing New Zealand . A photoblog

Media and Awards

Over the years Style of Life has been nominated from various online awards.

Nominated for Blogger Choice Awards 2009 for Hottest Daddy Blogger.

Nominated for Philippine Blog Awards 2008 for Personal categories.

Finalist for Philippine Blog Awards 2009 for News and Media categories

Nominated for 8th Annual Weblog Awards 2008 for Australia/NZ blog.

Nominated for 4th Wellingtonista Awards 2009 for Wellingtonian contribution to the Internet

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