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Me and Miss Saigon

  I’m delighted that I had a chance to interview Ms. Ivy Rose Padilla before the Miss Saigon Musicale play going to start at St. James Theatre. Thank you to Mr. Michael Highstead, the Production Manager of Wellington Musical Theatre, who handles the NZ Miss Saigon. Ms. Padilla, which I recalls she was a member … Continue reading

NZSA/Pindar Publishing Prize takes off with a storm

  The inaugural NZSA/Pindar Publishing prize, which closed for entries on Tuesday, received an astonishing 508 applications! Tina Shaw, Programme Manager who administers the prize commented “It’s been wonderful to see entries from all over the country and from New Zealanders living overseas as far afield as Dublin , Dubai and Mexico . We had … Continue reading


After a stellar opening weekend, New Zealand film BOY has now reached dizzying heights of opening week success with $866,121 at the box office, placing BOY ahead of Sione’s Wedding, Whale Rider and The World’s Fastest Indian opening week figures (as obtained from the New Zealand Motion Picture Distributors Association).   BOY has consistently held its … Continue reading

Working Day is the NZ Big Break Film Winner

    A short film about New Zealand has given one young film-maker his ‘Big Break’. The film ‘Working Day’ by Andres Borghi from Argentina was selected by New Zealand film legend Sir Peter Jackson as the winner of Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure ‘Your Big Break’ short film competition. The winner has just been … Continue reading

Deaf Short Film Festival logo competition

    Christchurch will be hosting the 5th Deaf Short Film Festival in May 2011. The final date has not yet been confirmed. The current Short Film committee believe we need a new logo, so we have set up a competition to find a new logo for the Film Festival. There will be a prize … Continue reading

Machine and Man love affairs

    For Twenty-Four years, the New Zealand International Arts Festival bringing World Class Arts entertainment from around the World and within New Zealand. Since 1986, each Festival has offered a bold artistic programme of the highest quality, featuring theatre, classical and world music, opera, dance, jazz, family and free events, a literary programme and … Continue reading

Give a Big Hugh, support those with Endometriosis

                                  One in Ten New Zealand Women and girls affects this common disease called Endometriosis. Endometriosis (pronounced: 'end-oh-me-tree-oh-sis') occurs when tissue very similar to the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is found in places outside the uterus where it shouldn’t … Continue reading


digg_url = “”;digg_title = “Porcupine!!!!”;digg_bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;digg_skin = “normal”;digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;   The other day I was busy doing my weekend job cleaning the bathroom and then suddenly my daughter shouted: “Porcupine!!! Porcupine!!” So, immediately went outside  and check my daughter and yes, she right its a Porcupine. As … Continue reading

Island Bay Festival

digg_url = “”;digg_title = “Island Bay Festival”;digg_bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;digg_skin = “normal”;digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;   A market by the Sea!! Music in the Park ,Wandering performers  and buskers and a boat rides around the Island. That’s what happened last Sunday during the Island Bay Festival . It was pretty Good … Continue reading

Weekend foodtrip

digg_url = “”;digg_title = “Weekend foodtrip”;digg_bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;digg_skin = “normal”;digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined;   Over the weekend,a different Valentine’s Day celebration. Instead of the usually Dinner date for two. We spend time making Banana Muffin and Bread using local products from New World Market and from family little garden.   … Continue reading